With the Independence Day holiday in a week and our biggest weekend of the year this weekend, I wanted to reach out and remind everyone of a few things so it will be a safe and fun holiday for everyone.

The Lake Cypress Springs fireworks show is Saturday. If you are attending by land the best places to view the show are from Overlook and Guthrie parks. Walleye park is completely reserved and will be closed except for campers and their guests. Please keep the roads in all the parks open and free of parked vehicles so that our first responders can have quick and easy access in the event of an emergency. Vehicles found blocking the roads will be towed at the owner’s expense. When any park reaches its capacity, it will be closed and you will need to find another place to view the show. If you are going to view the fireworks show from the lake itself, please be careful of the large number of boats on the water and exercise extra caution.

Homeowners, when on the lake over the holiday, please respect your neighbors and follow the District rules regarding operating watercraft at idle speed within 200 feet of the shore. Let any of your guests know about this rule as well. Lake Patrol has a zero tolerance policy on enforcement of this and other public safety rules and citations will be issued. If you observe a watercraft being operated in an unsafe manner and violating a rule, get as much of a description of it as possible and call the Sheriff’s office to report it. Lake Patrol officers are dispatched by the sheriff’s office and that is the quickest way to report a problem.

I hope everyone has a great holiday, be careful and have fun.